Tota Music and Theatre Conservatory 

Training of Tomorrow's Artists

 Dedicated to facilitating self-discovery and personal growth through the exploration of the arts.

We witness the power of the arts and how it changes lives. 


Whether you are interested in taking private voice lessons, learning an instrument, expressing yourself through movement and dance, or mastering acting techniques used by professionals, Tota Music and Theatre Conservatory provides an unparalleled educational experience for Tampa Bay area artists of all ages.

The time I’ve spent with Roseann and Nick has been invaluable to me as a student, vocalist, and budding young professional. They are profoundly passionate, and their professionalism is unmatched. Enrolling at the studio is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Tota Conservatory is a flawless fusion of a professional environment and a welcoming place where the students feel cared for, as they are a part of a family. The care Roseann has for her students extends so much further than a weekly lesson.
Tyler Wade  NYU Steinhart, Music Theatre Major

Tyler Wade

NYU Steinhart, Music Theatre Major

Kendall Singer  FSU, Theatre Major   

Kendall Singer

FSU, Theatre Major


In the four years our daughters have been working with Roseann (and now Nick), we’ve been amazed by the growth they’ve experienced. The level of instruction and professionalism of this studio has completely exceeded our expectations. This is the place for talented students who want to become excellent vocalists, actors, and musicians.
The Tota Music & Theatre Conservatory prepared me to audition and be accepted to the top collegiate musical theatre programs in the country. Through working monologues, creating a wide variety of musical theatre repertoire, and learning about real life experiences within this art form, I’ve gained the confidence and necessary tools to enter this field.
Seth & Kelley Miller  Studio Parents

Seth & Kelley Miller

Studio Parents

Ethan Zeph  CCM, Musical Theatre Major

Ethan Zeph

CCM, Musical Theatre Major

“Training in Roseann’s studio was one of the best opportunities that I was ever given. It was there that I learned the importance of utilizing the gift of music and healing others through the arts. She encouraged community relationships and organized her students to perform at local hospitals and nursing homes. I quickly learned that there is no greater feeling than knowing your song has made a significant difference in someone’s life. Many performers have dreams of being on Broadway or singing center stage at the Met, and while those are amazing goals to reach for, Roseann always encourages her students to keep music in their hearts, and to follow the songs wherever they take you.”
Alexa Bouchard  Professional Performer

Alexa Bouchard

Professional Performer